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Diamond Color Guide 

Diamond Color:

Diamonds come in many colors.  The most rare and expensive are Blue, Red, Pink, Green, Purple, Yellow and Black.  These are called Fancy Colors.  Most Diamonds are White in color. 

When we use the term Color to describe diamonds, we are not talking about the color of the diamond per say.  It is assumed that you are referring to a white diamond, unless you specify a Fancy color. 

White Diamonds Do have some color in them.  They will have either a tinge of yellow, brown or grey.  The more white or "colorless" they are, the more rare and valuable they are. 

GIA (Gemological Institute of America) has developed a Grading Scale for determining the color of a White diamond.  It starts at D which would represent a completely colorless diamond.  Then goes through the alphabet all the way to Z.  Then it starts to become a Fancy Yellow Diamond.  If it has a brownish tint instead of a yellowish tint and is in the lower colors such as below P, it is considered a Champaigne diamond.  Champaigne diamonds are not worth as much money as other fancy colors. 

diamond color scale and diamond color guide from diamond buyers guide






D,E and F are considered Colorless.  It is very hard for even a trained eye to distinguish between them.  Especially D and E and especially if they are already mounted.  




If you want a colorless diamond and don't care about bragging rights, an F will do. 






G, H, I and are all considered Near Colorless and will look very similar in the mounting.



If you put these four loose diamonds next to each other on a white backround, you may be able to tell a slight difference in the colors.



J is also considered Near Colorless by Most grading Laboratories.  

Diamonds always appear two shades better in the mounting, so you can go as low as H and still look Colorless.  Even J will hold its own in the mounting. 



K, L and M are faint yellow.



The Differences betrween these and the near colorless diamonds can be seen even in the mounting.




These are commonly used by Big Chain Jewelry Stores in their ready made non certified Diamond Rings.  They look almost as good as the higher colors when not compared side by side. 



N, O and P are Light yellow and are the lowest acceptable grades for jewelry.


Light Yellow

You can definitely see the slight yellow coloring even in the mounting.




We suggest that you stay above J in color, unless you just want to save some money and/or get the biggest diamond possible for your money.  If you are going to buy a diamond in the lower color ranges, you may want to consider a non-certified diamond because you can save even more money that way and the color difference is obvious.  If you are buying a diamond online, never buy a non-certified diamond, unless you know and trust the seller.   

Diamond Graders, Use a Master Set to compare diamonds to verify the color.  A Master Set is a complete set of Diamond or Cubic Zirconia simulated diamonds that are manufactured to the exact specifications of the different color diamonds.  They usually include colors E-N. 

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