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Diamond Symmetry Guide 

Diamond Symmetry:

The Symmetry of a diamond refers to the quality of the facets in the diamond.  Symmetry has nothing to do with the shape, diamond cut or proportions of the diamond.  The actual symmetry of a diamond is determined by the size, shape and consistency of the facets of the diamond.  If a diamond has bad symmetry, no matter how good the proportions of the diamond are, the facets will still not reflect the light as good as they should. 

GIA Diamond Symmetry Scale:

Excellent:  The Diamond's facets are perfect in every way when viewed under 10x magnification.  Some Labs call this grade Ideal, but it should not be confused with a diamond cut grade of Ideal

Very Good:  Has one or two slightly out of shape facets.  You can barely find them under 10X magnification. 

Good:  Has several slightly out of shape facets which can be noticed under 10X magnification.  A diamond with a symmetry rating of good will look almost as good to the naked eye as a diamond with a symmetry rating of Excellent and should be slightly cheaper to buy. 

Fair:  Has many slightly out of shape facets.  This is the grade where they start to affect the beauty of the diamond.  Although not to a large degree. 

Poor:  Has Many out of shape facets.  This could make the diamond lack luster.  We do not recommend buying a diamond with a symmetry rating of Poor. 

Diamond Symmetry Recomendation:  We suggest that you go with a diamond that has a symmetry rating of at least Good.  Unless you are looking for an ideal cut diamond, you do not need Excellent.  Even if you are looking for an ideal cut diamond, Very Good symmetry will look just as good and may save you some money.  A rating of Good is the most bang for the buck, if you do not care about what the certification says. 

If you are looking for an Ideal cut diamond, you should know that a diamond is not considered to be a real Ideal cut diamond unless it has a polish and symmetry rating of Excellent for both and no fluorescence.  Many jewelers will try to sell a diamond with Ideal or near Ideal proportions as an Ideal cut diamond regardless of the polish and symmetry grades. 

Diamond Symmetry on Fancy Shapes:  If you are looking for a fancy shaped diamond, you may have a very hard time finding one with a symmetry rating of more than Good or Very Good.  This is because of the fact that when a diamond cutter decides what shape to cut the diamond into, his decision is based on which shape will allow him to retain the most weight while cutting around the nasty inclusions.  The first thing that usually gets sacrificed is usually the symmetry.  If the cutter is going for size over any other factor, he may even sacrifice on the cut. 

AGS:  AGS is another diamond grading laboratory that uses its own scale.  A GIA Excellent would be called a ZERO or IDEAL.  This does not mean that the diamond is Ideal Cut, just that the symmetry is ideal.  The scale goes down in quality until it reaches TEN.  An AGS Symmetry rating of Ten is horrible.  We suggest you go with an AGS symmetry rating of at least 5, but we prefer 4 or better. 

Some other important factors are diamond polish, diamond fluorescence and the quality of the diamond rough. 

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